Rates for Residential Computer Services

In-Store Hourly Labor Rate $100.00
On-Site Hourly Labor Rate (Minimum 1 Hour Charge per call)* $120.00*
Data Transfer/Backup (Not including cost of media, up to 100GB.  Over 100GB, additional charge may apply) $60.00
Data Recovery (Hard Drive Failure, Sector errors, Partition corruption) $135.00
Operating System Reload $145.00
VHS to DVD Transfer (Additional DVD - $5) $25
Diagnostic Charge** $50.00**


  *On-site hourly rate listed above is within 20 miles of our location.  Additional charges or rates may apply when distances are greater than 20 miles.  We will always inform you before any service what the rate or additional charge will be.

  **We do not charge to look at any computer, however, if a computer is repairable, and you request not to have the repairs completed by our techs and pick-up the computer, there will be a diagnostic charge of $50. If the work is performed by our techs, there will be no diagnostic charge.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of our staff members or send us a email to sales@gansmediaonline.com.